Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Shoes - Stay The Same (Music Video)

The Shoes are one of my favourite remix duos of recent years. There has been a long history of really great DJs who switch from doing remixes to writing originals with rather dismal results (I won't name names). And I do mean a lot. For some reason, everything that makes them so killer on the remixes is thrown out the window in favour of trying to re-invent themselves as some sort of minimalist post-punk revivalist or some other tongue in cheek approach to being a rock star. Thankfully, if this song is any indicator, The Shoes are getting the job done. It combines the heavy hitting dance edge to what they do with a melodic sensibility that sounds like...well, it sounds like The Shoes being The Shoes, only this time the track is an original. Enjoy this one and breathe a sigh of relief with me.

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