Saturday, July 31, 2010


New album. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Keith Kenniff, get on it.

Goldmund | Famous Places from Keith Kenniff on Vimeo.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Yu(c)k is the piano based side project of Yuck. Yu(c)k just released a 4-song cassette through Mirror Universe which is already sold out. Listen to the songs below and you'll see why. This material is just stunning

Yu(c)k - Automatic from Yuck on Vimeo.

Yu(c)k - Weakend from Yuck on Vimeo.

Yu(c)k - Daughter from Yuck on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm excited to be doing this post because ya best keep your eye on this here duo. MYTHS are a band from Canada and they make electronic music, and I do mean to use that broad term to refer to what they do. They combine a lot of different aspects we would associate with electronic: it's beat-heavy, melodic, experimental in places, often brash, never safe. Remember how in the 80s people worried about satanic music? Well, this is like satanic Crystal Castles - your mom would not approve. As for 'Deadlights' it starts with a drum beat that is sort of the equivalent of being punched in the gut repeatedly (Salem would be jealous) and has a melodic synth-line, but then the song begins a slow roll into a psychotic breakdown as the vocals kick in. And as the breakdown is complete and we're met with the line 'You're not Real!' being chanted again and again, and you can't tell whether to be afraid or comforted. MYTHS kind of remind me of early Adult. (Resuscitation) combined with latest Adult. (Why Bother?) and that's damn sure footing for a band to start from. Their debut album is due from Nominal Records later in the future of the world... just in time for the apocalypse.

Go to their myspace page!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Evenings - Babe

Didn't like this at first. Don't know why. What was the me of 8 days ago thinking? Well, sometimes you just have to forgive yourself and move on.
Evenings: glitchy, melodic.
Babe: sunny, ominous, you can dance to it in your dreams.

Download the album for FREE via bandcamp.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hooray! - Homee

Hooray! (aka Ben) sent this wonderful little track over. It's kind of like what I imagine falling asleep under water and dreaming sounds like...ya know, if you could do that without drowning that is. Either way, sweet dreams.

Buy it here via Wonder Beard Tapes. Things like $4 +S+H.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silly Kissers remix Blue Hawaii

My favourite Canadian up and comers (Silly Kissers) remix a track from my favourite FREE album (Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer) in recent memory. This is dream team stuff here.
Blue Hawaii - Dream Electrixra (SILLY KISSERS REMIX) by Silly Kissers

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Part Timer - The Runner

The wonderful Part Timer (aka Scissors and Sellotape) has a lovely new song and self-release.
Part Timer - The Runner (Original Mix) by Fluid Radio

(via fluid radio)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Animal Collective remixed by Dam-Funk

This track was one of my favourites from last summer. It went pretty much ignored in favour of the Zomby remix that came out at the same time. Old news, I know; but I'm trying to right a wrong here and teach you people to love this thing. And all you have to do is hit play.

Bullion - I'd Never Dance With You

Don't know where this comes from, but it's a new Bullion track so that is exciting. It's a little more choppy than his other work and the percussion gives the track a different flavour. And as far as one minute tracks go it's pretty epic. Whether this is a hint of things to come or a one-off it's a great little piece from an artist doing some of the most interesting stuff with beats-n-samples.

I'd Never Dance With You by bullionness

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mount Kimbie - Field

Mount Kimbie has just released their long awaited and much hyped debut on the great Hot Flush Recordings. These guys are fringe dubsteppers I suppose. They sort of remind me of Gold Panda in the sense that they are experimental, yet maintain a sense of accessibility to what they do. 'Field' is all beats until it melts into some super cut up guitar work. This is one of those songs that rewards repeated listens, as most MK work does. 'Maybes' comes from an earlier single and works in the opposite direction, it starts with fragmented samples and instruments and then drops a beat to settle the whole thing down. I'd spend a little time with this material Mount Kimbie have potential to do big things, not just now, but for years to come.

Kisses - People Can Do the Most Amazing Things

Love Kisses. They've got some great songs, and a great album waiting for a record label. This track is an interesting one in that it is probably the darkest of their songs (still not very dark, have no fear), and the simplest musically. It's very stripped down and in a way reminds me of Joy Division. But it's also an example of how strong the songwriting is. Someone get this full length out there quick!

Pre-order the 7" via insound here.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Coast - Boyfriend

Awesome fan made vid for Best Coast. This track has a little Neko Case tinge to it I find. This is one to look forward to.

Pre-order for July 27 via Mexican Summer here.

BOYFRIEND://best_coast from Theo Anthony on Vimeo.

Panda Bear - Slow Motion

When I first heard the radio rip of this track over the weekend it did not click for me. However, hearing it in high quality has me converted. Noah Lennox can always be counted on to keep things interesting and this sounds like a slightly new direction for the Bear. Sung Tongs meets Dilla? Maybe. If so, not a bad thing at all.

the vinyl is already sold out but digital release is set for July 20.

Panda Bear - Slow Motion

Perfume Genius Live Session

Mike Hadreas doing his thang.

Alex O'Nan Remixes Sufjan Stevens

A remix of Sufjan Stevens may seem like a really strange idea. Especially considering the song being remixed here is The Dress Looks Nice on You, a pretty sparse song made-up of mainly acoustic guitar and banjo. The remixer behind this gem is Alex O'Nan. I've never seen anything written about Alex before but he has been a part of a number of wonderful projects over the years. I really can't keep track of them all. What I do know about them is that their is a killer sense of melody to almost everything he does, whether that's him or his collaborators, or likely a combination of both, I don't know. I really know little about Alex. But then again sometimes the music has to do the talking. So if you're keeping score; what do I know about Alex O'Nan: very little. Does that change the fact that you will probably fall in love with these two songs posted today? Hells no. I mean, geez, the guy remixed one of the loveliest Sufjan songs ever and kept the fragile beauty of the whole thing in tact. Credit where credit is due.

And just to prove that was no fluke and the man has skills...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Loud again, already.

Yep. Dude's blowin it up. What can I say?
yeasayer - madder red (little loud remix) by littleloud

The truest whale

No Modest Bear has a better streaming version of Sail A Whale's remix of Korallreven to stream, should you need to hear it before you download.

The truest whale

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sail A Whale Remixes Korallreven

Well, this takes the Sail A Whale total song tally up to 4: two remixes, two originals. This particular track comes from the digital EP release from Acephale for Korallreven's Truest Faith. I would buy it. Now. Acephale pay special attention when it comes to the caliber of remixes they put their stamp of approval on. At $4.99, this Sail A Whale mix alone is worth the price of admission. As for the song itself, it's a slow build of melody and atmosphere, gorgeously textured (as per usual for Sail A Whale) and then the beat comes in. Beauty before beat, got it? I think it may be a Sail A Whale trade secret. This is no conventional remix, it's more interested in finding new layers of depth to an already stunning song, rather than simply dropping a new beat over top. The whole thing has that 'ominous yet lovely' feel that I've already come to associate with Sail A Whale's music. Next up for them is a new release on Acephale/Sincerely Yours. Watch these guys, I'm telling you...

As proof of my love of Sail A Whale and this song, it took me about 8 hours to upload this song. I had to upload it it in various places, squash bitrates, convert to mp3, blah, blah, so enjoy. It's worth the effort to get this one out into the world.

UPDATED: Due to the poor quality of the audio on the track below, the guys in Sail A Whale were kind enough to send over a link, so I could share the song with you the way it was meant to be heard. Get it HERE.

Buy the EP via itunes here.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Loud Remixes Au Revoir Simone

I have to say I'm pretty much honoured to be sharing this song with you today. Why? Well, it's never been posted on any blog yet (to my knowledge) and it was sent to me by the man himself, Little Loud. Now, Little Loud is really coming on strong if you haven't heard his work yet. This guy's stuff is blowing me away. He's released the best Memory Tapes remix I've heard, his contribution to the pantheon of HEALTH remixes was absolutely awesome (and that's saying a lot when you consider the amount of HEALTH remixes out there), and then there's his remix for Au Revoir Simone. This has been my favourite song for the past few weeks, and is sure to make my 'hits of the summer' list.

I can't really put my finger on what makes Little Loud's remixes work but there is a consistent approach to them that is uniquely his own. With these three remixes he's already put himself at the level of artists like SebastiAn, The Shoes, Phones, Miami Horror, Chateau Marmont, Villains, Metronomy - all of whom have very strong remix output. His work is at once forward thinking and yet has something classic in his approach to electronic music. In the end all his remixes are completely danceable but are also incredibly intelligent and melodic. I'm sure in about 3-5 years time there'll be a Little Loud remixes collection and it will be as essential as any remix collection by the likes of SebastiAn or Diplo. I defy anyone to hit play on this song more than once and not fall in love.

Buy it from here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool Runnings

I really dig the stuff Cool Runnings has been putting out of late. It's great, dreamy pop stuff. There are points in I am You where the synths sound like they were recorded to cassette tape, and the tape keeps slowing down and speeding up. But pop music is about synchronicity (no, not The Police album, although that is pretty good) and in the end, as collage/pastiche-like as it all feels, it all fits together to create something beautiful. I've also included Star Slinger's remix of the track, which refines the song and shows there are some fundamentals making this whole machine work in the first place. I'm torn though: original or remix? Either way, two gems in one go.

check out the Cool Runnings bandcamp page to get tons of goodies for free yo.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Houses AND Teen Daze

Wow, two heavyweights from the last few months on a collabo. I love Houses, and can't wait until his day comes. Once the EP drops the blogosphere will rightfully blow up with love for this guy. As for Teen Daze, they are getting a lot of love and have earned every sloppy kiss of it. As for the collaboration itself? It's all the glitchy, dreamy goodness you'd hope it would be.

Check the Teen Daze/Houses bandcamp page for info on Houses' new cassette label Way Slow.
<a href="">Destiny by Way Slow</a>

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bathcrones - Psychorama

The great Bathcrones has his album up for pre-order via No Pain in Pop. A must have for 2010 I'd say.
Get it here.

One of the Best Bands Ever

And here is their new song. New album drops July 13!

Crowded House - Saturday Sun from Crowded House on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silly Kissers - You Could Even Like Me

Here's a video I edited together. This one is for a Silly Kissers songs with a very galloping keyboard line (Did Steve Harris of Iron Maiden play keys on this one?). This is one of my fave songs from Precious Necklace and I really can't say enough good things about this band overall. I predict very good things for them. Not a lot of electropop groups can release rock solid albums, even New Order has few solid albums to their credit - they have a lot of great songs, but not a lot of bookend to bookend great albums. Silly Kissers seem to have it down. The last rock solid electropop record I can think of is Soviet's We are Eyes, We are Builders and it's been a minute since that one came out. As for the video, well, I saw this footage and realized the raw energy and drama of their dancing was the only thing that could capture this song for me. Personally, I find seeing this dancing placed in this context really awe-inspiring. Just watching Shaan and Nadira dance is a workout in itself.

Get the album digitally or vinyl-y here