Saturday, February 26, 2011

100% Silk records

100% Silk is a new Not Not Fun related label ('sister label' is the relationship) that specializes in the more dancey end of the spectrum. Still skwewed, still forward thinking, it keeps in line with the interesting/challenging releases offered by Not Not Fun. So far 100% Silk has been one of the highlight labels of the year for me. Specializing in sort of left leaning electro, and more specifically: a little italo-disco referencing. To date 100% Silk has released four 12"s ( all of which play at 45rpm) and all of which have been stellar. Seriously. This is a label to keep your eye on. Gorgeous art + killer tracks = mandatory. And these things are only $8 (US) per 12"!

First up on the player we have Maria Minerva with Disko Bliss which sounds like Olde English Spelling Bee gone disco. It's a lose and percussive affair with a serious FM bent to it. Layered and punchy, but also possessing a pastiche-like quality, it's disco for those that do or do not love disco sounds.

Then we have Cuticle dropping Flair a bouncey, squelchy electro number that again is forward thinking enough to have those that don't normally like 'this sort of thing' re-thinking their stance. And as a PS I HIGHLY suggest you click the link below from Boomkat to preview more of the Cuticle!

For more sneak peeks check out the labels discography via Boomkat

Hiit up the label's homepage at

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