Sunday, October 16, 2011

Matt Christensen - Someday I Won't Matter Anymore

Matt Christensen is a member of Zelienopleand and this song is taken from his release "A Cradle in the Bowery" which was released on the incredibly excellent Under the Spire label. This album was actually released earlier in 2011 but I just received my white label via Chris at UTS and have been digging this one. This is a seriously underrated song for 2011, it has a sort of dark take on Americana to it, but the adept songwriting is reminiscent of someone like Neil Finn/Crowded House in that it is perfectly written, arranged, layered, produced, etc. This one is kind of dark, but kind of fun. Do it.
Matt Christensen - Someday I Won't Matter by Under The Spire

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