Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moss Of Aura - Still Parade

I've been sitting on this Moss Of Aura post for a while due to troubles uploading the songs. I'm glad I had those troubles though because it gave me time to deepen my appreciation of just how good these songs really are. For some reason when I thought of how to describe MOA's music I keep wanting to use Berlin as a reference point. Remember that 'Top Gun' song? Even if it wasn't your thing, those deep synths had a way of getting under your skin. It almost felt too dark of a song for 'Top Gun'. MOA combines a deep synth sound with tinges of balearic. It's very direct, yet somehow nuanced at the same time. All in all, it's just really mesmerizing stuff and a perfect transition out of summer and into fall.

Moss Of Aura - Everyday

Moss Of Aura - Tidal

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