Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snailhouse -- Salvation Army (in four)

Snailhouse have a new 'name your price' EP out via Bandcamp. Mike Feuerstack, the singer-songwriter for Snailhouse, is perhaps my favourite Canadian singer-songwriter. He's released a number of great albums/EPs as Snailhouse, as well as two of the most important albums I can think of with his band The Wooden Stars (Mardi Gras and The Moon). For some of you this may serve as an introduction to the man's work (he also plays in Belle Orchestre!) and I can't suggest enough that you look further ...much further into this guy's back-catalogue. This material from the EP is really strong and this is just his odds n' sods. Seriously: fans of Bon Iver/Iron & Wine/Sufjan Stevens/ Owen take note.

Get the Monumental Moments EP via Snailhouse's Bandcamp.

<a href="http://snailhouse.bandcamp.com/track/salvation-army-in-four">Salvation Army (in four) by snailhouse</a>

And here's the original version:

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