Friday, September 2, 2011

Blood Diamonds - Grins

And from Grouper, we move to another one of my favourite 7s of the year. Now, Transparent recs/blog are usually on point with their releases but occasionally they release something so good you know they've tapped an artist with serious talent. Such was the case with Purity Ring's 'Ungirthed' earlier this year and now Blood Diamonds brings us 'Grins'. When I first heard this Blood Diamonds 7 it absolutely did not work for me. In fact, I turned it off half way through the first track. It sounded like one too many layers to my ears. A month later I gave it another shot and it all clicked. This big-orchestral-melodramatic-pop-by-way-of-stuttering-electronic-beats sound that is Blood Diamonds finally made sense to me. And dammit, it works well. Give this one a minute. Absolutely lovely stuff.
Blood Diamonds - Grins by TransparentRecs
Blood Diamonds - Move The Stars by TransparentRecs

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