Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans/Video Games 7"

I've sort of been putting Lana Del Rey on the back burner for a moment. All the usual suspects have been touting this girl and she looks so Hollywood-hot I had to wonder. Now that it's been a minute I've given her due and the girl's got chops. Honestly, this girl could pull an Amy Winehouse and creep into mass consciousness. Everything about her just works: the music, the image, the videos. She's the product of pop-culture but makes no qualms about it and is as drawn to the dark allure of it all as she is swept up in the saccharine sugar-coatedness. In a way she reminds me of JJ in her ability to cull from different sources and create a pastiche of influences that almost run counter to each other. Hit play on each of these songs more than twice and the girl owns part of your soul...and I mean that in a Robert Johnson sort of a way. See you at the crossroads.

Order the 7" here. It should be a collector's item in about 5 seconds.

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