Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Albums of 2011: Peaking Lights, Clams Casino, Tokyo Bloodworm

Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape [Type Records] [Self-Released digital]

Clams Casino really blew up in 2011 and he did it the best way possible: by playing by his own rules. It started with this, his self-released FREE mixtape, then he followed up with a release for Tri Angle and then appeared all over one of the best hip hop mixtapes of 2011. Clams has this sound that sometimes plays out like TV on the Radio turned into DJs; it's big, it's dirty, it's evocative. This is one for anybody who likes music at all ever.

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Peaking Lights - 936 [Not Not Fun]

Now this is an ALBUM. You have to play it from beginning to end and once it's over you'll hard pressed to find a world like it to immerse yourself in. Dub, pop, lo-fi experiments, radiophonic weirdness; it all comes together to form one of the hookiest records of recent years.

Tokyo Bloodworm - Palestine & Palestine Remixes [Moteer]

I reviewed this album for Fluid Radio earlier this year here. Of all my selections this takes the most time to grow, but when you get

Honourable Mentions:
E and I - An Indescribable Brightness Shone (Nathan Thomas's review for Fluid Radio here)
Hakbune- I Discover I'm missing (my review for Fluid Radio here)

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