Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best songs of 2011: Danny Brown - Monopoly

It's been a minute (read: almost a decade) since a Hip Hop Artist really caught my ear. There have been songs but not artists that really grabbed me. Genres fluctuate. This year I'd be hard-pressed to name an indie rock outfit that even edged on to my radar. However, Hip Hop got really interesting. And for me that began with Danny Brown. When I first saw the cover to DB's XXX mixtape I was intrigued. When I saw it was on A-Trak's label, Fools' Gold, I was further intrigued. Then I head Monopoly. Honestly, I probably played this song more than any other this year.

Danny Brown's flow plays like a Jekyll and Hyde routine with DB playing both parts. Honestly, the man sounds crazed. His voice has this menacing high pitched thing going on that just furthers that mad-man mystique. And his flow is just bizarre. BUT the man knows what he's doing. His lyrics often blend the mundane (check the"Hoes-Toes" line), the profane ( check the "Doritoes" line) and the profound ("Fiends on their menstrual" line). And half the time you have to stop yourself just to process how the ideas connect.

Add in the weird haircut, missing front teeth, and skinny jeans and this guy is just plain interesting. And the beats and samples on this track by Quelle are unbelievable - seriously, this guy deserves more recognition. In a recent P4K post Brown said he keeps his ear to the ground for UK producers because they are ahead of the game. That says something about how serious this guy takes his craft. Enough chatter. Hit play. Then hit Repeat.

Download the FREE mixtape via Fool's Gold:

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