Thursday, August 26, 2010

slandercat - Blood of a Broom Tree

slandercat sent over a link to his wonderful and FREE Ep, 'Blood of A Broom Tree'. This is some solid off-kilter electro. In the man's own words "It has vocals and samples and little squelchy sounds". The song Broom Tree combines elements of glitch and synth-wave to create it's own beast. It's at once enchanting and menacing. Elijah Runs reminds me of one of my latest (and recurrent fixations), John Harrison's score for Day of the Dead . There's something balearic and almost Fever Ray-ish in the song. A lot of the EPs songs are a contradiction in terms when it comes to mood, but all works to create something you can't help be more than a little hypnotized by.

Hit up the slandercat bandcamp page to get 'Blood of a Broom Tree' gratis

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