Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Street Meat - Need to Know

Street Meat is another project featuring my homie Leigh Newton. I've mentioned his awesome death/doom/drone project The Sun Through A Telescope a few times, and now here he is with a more electro project. There's something lo-fi in these recordings that really works for them. Screw cranking the guitars to 10 on the amp, set the mics to ten. How to describe Street Meat? There's some Le Tigre, Ladytron, Dickies, Peaches, Mount Sims all buried in there. Cock rock guitars mixed with Riot Grrl stuff. If you were fourteen and heard it for the first time you might suddenly feel a strong urge to tell your parent(s) to go fuck off and then slam your bedroom door. But not in a childish way, more in a life-affirming way. I'm still not there yet. How to describe Street Meat? Well; two females on the mic bringing their swagger, dirty drum machines, punky guitars reminiscent of the great Celebrity Skin. Let's call it Glamwave. Is that a thing? Do we want to do that? Glamwave? Whatever, just listen to the damn song.

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