Friday, August 6, 2010

Sleep Over--Outer Limits

Sleep Over have a new 7" coming out on Forest Family Records and at first I was not digging these two tracks. But, slowly they have contaminated my soul. In fact, Outer Limits is one of my fave songs right now and I think this 7" is on my shortlist of must-haves for the year. From disinterest to awe, it's quite a leap I know, but these songs take time. This is a band in full-bloom right now, and it's exciting to see where they are going because it is already not where I had expected. As for Outer Limits, it manages to be both beautiful and unsettling. It retains some of the creepiness that I so loved from the Night People cassette, but adds something new to the Sleep Over pallet as well. These are going to go fast, so make your move.

Order from Forest Family Recs here for the August 10 release.

Sleep Over- Outer Limits

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