Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Loud Remixes Au Revoir Simone

I have to say I'm pretty much honoured to be sharing this song with you today. Why? Well, it's never been posted on any blog yet (to my knowledge) and it was sent to me by the man himself, Little Loud. Now, Little Loud is really coming on strong if you haven't heard his work yet. This guy's stuff is blowing me away. He's released the best Memory Tapes remix I've heard, his contribution to the pantheon of HEALTH remixes was absolutely awesome (and that's saying a lot when you consider the amount of HEALTH remixes out there), and then there's his remix for Au Revoir Simone. This has been my favourite song for the past few weeks, and is sure to make my 'hits of the summer' list.

I can't really put my finger on what makes Little Loud's remixes work but there is a consistent approach to them that is uniquely his own. With these three remixes he's already put himself at the level of artists like SebastiAn, The Shoes, Phones, Miami Horror, Chateau Marmont, Villains, Metronomy - all of whom have very strong remix output. His work is at once forward thinking and yet has something classic in his approach to electronic music. In the end all his remixes are completely danceable but are also incredibly intelligent and melodic. I'm sure in about 3-5 years time there'll be a Little Loud remixes collection and it will be as essential as any remix collection by the likes of SebastiAn or Diplo. I defy anyone to hit play on this song more than once and not fall in love.

Buy it from here.

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