Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm excited to be doing this post because ya best keep your eye on this here duo. MYTHS are a band from Canada and they make electronic music, and I do mean to use that broad term to refer to what they do. They combine a lot of different aspects we would associate with electronic: it's beat-heavy, melodic, experimental in places, often brash, never safe. Remember how in the 80s people worried about satanic music? Well, this is like satanic Crystal Castles - your mom would not approve. As for 'Deadlights' it starts with a drum beat that is sort of the equivalent of being punched in the gut repeatedly (Salem would be jealous) and has a melodic synth-line, but then the song begins a slow roll into a psychotic breakdown as the vocals kick in. And as the breakdown is complete and we're met with the line 'You're not Real!' being chanted again and again, and you can't tell whether to be afraid or comforted. MYTHS kind of remind me of early Adult. (Resuscitation) combined with latest Adult. (Why Bother?) and that's damn sure footing for a band to start from. Their debut album is due from Nominal Records later in the future of the world... just in time for the apocalypse.

Go to their myspace page!

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