Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alex O'Nan Remixes Sufjan Stevens

A remix of Sufjan Stevens may seem like a really strange idea. Especially considering the song being remixed here is The Dress Looks Nice on You, a pretty sparse song made-up of mainly acoustic guitar and banjo. The remixer behind this gem is Alex O'Nan. I've never seen anything written about Alex before but he has been a part of a number of wonderful projects over the years. I really can't keep track of them all. What I do know about them is that their is a killer sense of melody to almost everything he does, whether that's him or his collaborators, or likely a combination of both, I don't know. I really know little about Alex. But then again sometimes the music has to do the talking. So if you're keeping score; what do I know about Alex O'Nan: very little. Does that change the fact that you will probably fall in love with these two songs posted today? Hells no. I mean, geez, the guy remixed one of the loveliest Sufjan songs ever and kept the fragile beauty of the whole thing in tact. Credit where credit is due.

And just to prove that was no fluke and the man has skills...

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