Monday, April 12, 2010

Bathcrones - Vineyard of the Sea

This is an exciting one. I hadn't heard of Bathcrones until two weeks ago, and it's always exciting to come across someone who you think is on the verge of doing big things. I read somewhere this guy's work described as a cross between Korallreven and CFCF, and I actually think that's a really good jumping off point to understanding what Bathcrones has going on. Thing is, if you think about it, Korallreven and CFCF have very little in common in terms of what they are doing; both make electronic music, and are very good at what they do, but that's where the similarity ends. There's a whole spectrum of stuff in between and this guy is exploring it. Bathcrones songs have these incredible layers where it just feels like melody on top of melody, but the whole adds up to so much more than just the sum of the parts. This is lovely and haunting stuff. Again, this is another artist who deserves points for consistency. Head on over to his myspace player and you'll see there is not a miss to be found, it's all hits. He's got an album ready to go, but no label has been anounced yet. In the meantime you can wait impatiently. Thanks to Bathcrones for hooking me up with this mp3.

If you head on over to Beko you can pick up a FREE digital single from Bathcrones. (His is number 27)

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