Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Sun Through A Telescope

Full disclosure: The Sun Through A Telescope is music made by a dear friend of mine. That said, as a second piece of disclosure: I consider myself a genre tourist. I've never really latched on to any genre. I go through periods where I investigate a genre and plunder a few artists that reel me in, but for the most part I feel no need to define my musical tastes by having "my genre". And usually when I do investigate a genre, it's some subgenre with a made up title (ie Post punk, Chillwave, Dubstep). Really, the average person doesn't give a damn about all these subgenres, all they really ask themselves when it comes to music is one question: do I sit or do I stand for this one? I won't be featuring a lot of metal on this page because, quite frankly, it's not a genre where I find a lot of artists that blow me away. My taste in heavy music tends to be toward the more peripheral stuff... like 'Green Sleep'.

I am a huge fan of the film Session 9. It's a film you have to see once to understand what the hell is going on, and then go back and review to appreciate. ' Green Sleep' is like Session 9; you need to hear it ALL the way through once just to understand the plot. Once that's done, when you go back and listen to it, you realize there is not a wasted note in this one --especially the fuzzy-digital chaos that slowly swells at the song's beginning. Hear that melody creeping in? Ridiculously enough, TSTAT have yet to be signed. If you have a label that releases Metal albums or have a friend that does, and you want to get on their short list for a Christmas card this year, you may want to be the one to bring this band to their attention. I highly suggest you head on over to his myspace page as all the songs featured on the player are really great; this is consistently high quality stuff. That being said, I know you have a question, so I'll answer it: sit for the first half, stand for the second half.

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