Sunday, April 4, 2010

Memoryhouse multiplied by Millionyoung

Memoryhouse are a band from Toronto who make dreamy pop music. They've been getting a bit of hype lately, and it's nice to see considering they write consistently interesting material. 'To The Lighthouse' showcases the magic and the quirks that make what they do work. It's slightly off kilter and almost drone like in its movement, but the strong melody keeps it all flowing. Denise Nouvion's vocals have an odd delivery that I found took some getting used to, but it actually makes the band stand out and compliments the production in a really nice way.

Now, I'm also posting the remix by MillionYoung, which I have to say I almost like better than the original. MillionYoung makes pretty dreamy music in his own right, but he's much more synth/beat driven than Memoryhouse. Here, he does a really good job of building a rhythm around Nouvion's unique delivery, and it almost makes the whole song feel even more melodic. He really does a great job of highlighting all the things that make the original great and simply brings them to the forefront. Still dreamy, just heavier on the beat.

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