Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Postcards + Silly Kissers

Postcards are a great band from Montreal who are playing in Ottawa on May 1 at the Saw Gallery. Ottawa peeps this is your heads up, because they are part of a great lineup involving Silly Kissers who we will get to later in the post. Now, personally I could kind of take or leave the whole lo-fi thing for the most part. With a lot of artists I can never quite figure out why they've chosen to go lo-fi, I don't know what they think it's doing for them aesthetically as far as aesthetics. Pragmatically though I get why artists go lo-fi. The thing is Postcards wear it very well. What these guys have going for them is an incredible sense of melody. When I talk about the lo-fi working for them, listen to the song "Krayons"; up front is this gorgeous guitar part moving the thing along, but behind it are all these others layered melodies. That's how lo-fi works for Postcards; it almost makes those individual parts in the background of the song indiscernible, but as a result all the parts are working together to create the whole. If I had to give a reference point for 'Krayons", I'd say picture Mazzy Star meets Magnetic Fields. Bottom line: great band from Montreal making shimmering pop. I've given you a double shot here, and "Enemy" is another melodic gem that should be in your head all day. Enjoy.

Playing with Postcards are another great up and coming band from Montreal. Silly Kissers are a band who make swoon worthy electro pop. It's all very loose and synthy, but still packs that emotional one-two punch. They just released a 10" via Arbutus Records and it really is a little treasure. 'Ghost in Your Heart' has a great vocal hook and (quelle surprise) some lovely synths. If you tell me you can get the chorus to this one out of your head, I might call you a liar. This is a song for people who are too embarrassed to dance to dance to. So, go ahead, no one's looking. And sing that chorus hook too.

Get the 10" directly from Arbutus here.

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