Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gold Panda

Gold Panda has been on my radar for this last year and I have to say he's a complete hitmaker in this kid's eyes. There's a lot of different artists working with crazy edits in their music to create choppy beats and melodies, but Gold Panda really does have a unique voice. There's something about his music that no matter how chopped and screwed it all sounds, he never lets the experimentation of it all destroy what he does best, and that is melody. In fact, if anything, all those crazy glitches seem to enhance the melodies. He's also created some of the best remixes in the past year as well. As a remixer he's very bold, and really approaches every song differently. I think if you created a compilation of his remixes right now you'd find that even his remixes themselves sound like he's writing each and every track into a new genre. His bongo fueled remix of Bloc Party turns the song into something dark yet almost balearic in sound, whereas his take on Little Boots turns that song into dense synth banger. There's not a lot of repetition, but, again, it's his great sense of melody that makes his work his own in the end.

Today I'm featuring 'You', which comes from an upcoming 7" and digital release of the same title. It most closely resembles his earlier track 'Quitters Raga', but there is very clear focus and growth by GP on this track. It's an almost simpler formula, but contains just as much mystery as that earlier song. It's always great to hear artists who or are able to expand their palette at the same time as they seem to be refining their songwriting.
You by Gold Panda

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