Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heather Woods Broderick - Wounded Bird

Heather Woods Broderick is a phenomenally talented singer/songwriter who lives (sometimes) in Portland. Her brother Peter Broderick is also ridiculously talented, and in this video you get to see them consider this a two-for-one. I predict big things for Heather, and really if you've heard her debut full length on Preservation it's very clear to see why.

I think when it comes to creating an album, one of the hardest things has to be to create a stripped down singer/songwriter acoustic guitar album. It's been done to death and less and less frequently is it done well (why does every show start with a 'warm up' artist doing acoustic covers? And why do these people seem to only ever play one show, never to be seen again?). It's hard to convey how great this album really is with just one song since it's the cumulative effect of a series of really great songs that makes the album something really special. I honestly think this album ranks with Cat Power's - You Are Free in terms of quality. Yep, I said it. I really think it's that good.

There are still limited copies of Heather's album available here.

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