Monday, April 26, 2010

Sail A Whale

Well this is an exciting post. Not because these guys have new material (soon though), but because they are responsible for some of the best music I've heard over the last year and a half. And I've been listening to their songs on repeat for the past few weeks mercilessly. I can't really describe Sail A Whale's music that well. It's ethereal, it's dramatic, it's gorgeously textured, it's electronic, it's too limiting to call it electronic, it's Jesus and Mary Chain with the emotion level ramped up to twelve. And with each adjective I somehow get further from capturing the magic of their music. Each adjective just begs for more description. Words just get in the way with these guys. Maybe that's why their music features vocals, but the words are indiscernible. And the total count on songs they've released to date: three. And one of those is a remix. And are three songs really worth the hype? That's a question that rarely warrants a genuine 'yes!', but in this case...

Okay, on to the songs. You can get their debut two songs for absolute gratis right here. There's something both sunny and ominous about these songs. That sounds like a contradiction, but again, maybe words just fail where the music speaks. These songs just don't go away. They are that good. Here's a video for "Find Me A Boy".

And here is their stellar remix for Memory Cassette's "Surfin":

The whole MemCass remix EP is available for free right here. Every song on it is tight, so I can't full on claim that Sail A Whale steal the show (Friend is just too damn good), but I would probably give them the even split. And for all the remix naysayers; listen to how they've made this song their own. It sounds like a Sail A Whale song, but remains totally true to the original. Three songs that's all we have from these guys, but they do have a 7" or 12" coming out fairly soon via Acephale and Sincerely Yours. So, soon we'll have two more songs to get lost in and ponder.

That's a bunch of free music today people, download away. Take a walk outside, bring your ipod, and get lost in Sail A Whale. It's a mysterious and beautiful adventure.

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