Monday, June 21, 2010

4 Underrated Female Artists

1) Robyn - She should be the biggest pop star on the planet. She always creates pop with a soul and there is a genuine sense of meaning and purpose behind it all. She's not that far removed from many other pop stars on the planet at first glance, but the subtle differences make her a rare gem. There's a genuine music vocabulary with her that her contemporaries lack.

2) Alela Diane - Sure, Iron&Wine and Bon Iver sell loads of records, but what of Alela, dammit?... Alela is incredible and one day her moment will come. Incredible songwriting with a genuine sense of urgency to her songs make her a rare find.

3) Santigold - She should have had the best selling album of 2008. But the world wasn't ready for her yet. She'll get us all with album number two. Again, an artist that shows the potential of what pop music could be.

4) Dominique Young Unique - I didn't think hip hop would sound like this until 2018, but Dominique's here now. This track is pure schizoid stuff. There are hints of metal, techno, 80s synth pop all in this one track. She WILL be a huge star in the future, but like I said, she may be so far ahead of the game the world may need a minute to catch up.

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