Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anoraak - Above Your Head

I really like Anoraak. They remind me of 80s music that I thought was terrible during the actual period in time known as 'THE 80s'. Usually when people reference 80s music it's bands like The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Echo and The Bunnymen, Psychadelic Furs, but with Anoraak it's more like one-hit-wonders they reference. However, their strength is that they make what was boring and forgettable from that time seem new and interesting. I'm not sure I'm being complimentary so far, but to be clear: Anoraak takes something that few people can make work and they make it work. Truly. 'Above Your Head' is completely bubbly, like you'd slow dance to in '88, but they give it an emotional weight that lends the song some power. Had this one on repeat the past few days, can't get enough.

Download it for free here.
Anoraak - Above Your Head by valeriecollective

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