Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfume Genius - Learning

Well, my most anticipated album of 2010 is finally here. I've spoke of my love of Perfume Genius before and I hope a lot of people embrace this music. It's been a long time coming for this record (for me), but what's great is that for the people that get this record cold they are getting a debut album that wreaks of maturity and sure footing. It's like if Cat Power had begun her career with You Are Free. I sincerely believe that somewhere in the world there is going to be some kid who kind of likes music and they are going to hear this album and suddenly realize that music is even more powerful than they had first thought. This is a rare example of an artist who is at once extremely vulnerable but somehow wears that vulnerability like a bulletproof vest- there's strength in it. Not enough words to describe how lovely this work is. This is where words fail and only music can speak. It's human emotions that we still don't have words for - but the melodies cut through straight to the heart and speak to us in a far more pressing language. Really, if you can hear this album and not one single song moves you in a way you haven't been moved in a long time, either a) you're not listening b) you're already dead.

This is a stream of the whole album. It will only be up for five days.
Perfume Genius - Learning by TurnstileMusic

This is where you can buy the CD/LP/download. And seriously: buy this record.

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