Friday, June 4, 2010

Taken By Trees - Anna (CFCF Rrmix)

Wow. This is and that Anoraak song I posted a few days ago have been on repeat the past few days. Both songs are among the loveliest things I've heard so far this year. CFCF is consistently great, and in a day and age where you don't have to be consistently great - just fire off hit singles - it is something to be praised. CFCF just draws from such a rich template of sounds that his music really brings together a wide variety of sounds. Taken by Trees original song was a standout track from their last record, so the fact that CFCF comes along and somehow manages to take it to any even higher level is pretty amazing. I remember CFCF at one point had Boredoms and Goblin listed as his influences, somehow that makes complete sense. As for 'the Anna', well, just wow...I hope you've never been in love with a girl named Anna because hearing this one might just reduce you to tears. It's ethereal, it's nostalgic, it gets under your skin, and, whatever your musical tastes, it's a hard one to forget. CFCF has done a lot of great remixes before, but this for me confirms his status as among the upper echelons. When you can strip away a track rather than build it up, to me, that shows that as an artist you have a profound understanding of the source material. The best remixes are in a way tributes to their source material, and I can't imagine a more loving tribute than this.

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