Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gaslamp Killer

Well, I was reminded today that I had yet to do a post on the great GLK aka The Gaslamp Killer. I've heard him referred to as the new DJ Shadow and I get that comparison. To be clear, the original writer was referring to the fact that both artists are incredibly good at drawing samples from very weird places to make really hooky stuff. I remember when my friends and I realized Shadow's Organ Donor was built around a sample from the original Phantasm soundtrack. GLK seems like he's got a love of horror films himself, or at least very obscure film scores.

I guess from a genre standpoint he fits in with the Wonky scene as the UK kids like to call it, and I have to admit as a genre label it is a pretty good attempt to label a genre. All that skewed sampling and angular beats actually feels, well, wonky. So there we have it. Of all the GLK releases so far My Troubled Mind is the one I keep returning to of late. If you love Madlib or Flying Lotus and you haven't explored the world of GLK, get on it; dude's only going to get more and more massive.

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