Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii are from Montreal and they make slightly-ambient/slightly-weird electro-pop. That's a lot of hyphens but they've earned each one. They've just released a FREE album via Arbutus, who are on a bit of a roll themselves, and it is excellent. Seriously, don't overlook this one. 'Lilac' sounds like if Friend made electro-pop. The song has an almost Asian influence to it and lots of floating melodies. It's a nice one to come down to after a hard day at the office (like I'd know, I'm unemployed). It's a beautifully textured little ditty that may induce beautiful dreams of better times on other planets. See? Off-kilter and totally charming. Then we have 'Dream Electrixra' which has some dense post-punk guitar work looming ominously over some almost postal service-like melodies. Gradually it morphs into an ambient exercise that features vocal hooks that could make even Feist blush. The very best part of all this is that these songs only make up songs 1&2 off the free album. All you have to do is click that link and your off to heaven. Keep an eye on Blue Hawaii, anybody who hears this one is going to find it hard to forget. And in closing may I add: Dear Canada, I love you, let's encourage more artists like this.

Get the free download via Arbutus here
Or pay $5 for the cassette via Arbutus here

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