Thursday, May 20, 2010

Houses - Endless Spring

Houses (formally Sun House) has an EP set for release some time in the near future on as of yet undisclosed (not yet selected?) label. Last week he posted a promo video for the EP, which sounded wonderful, and premiered a music video for 'Endless Spring', which was also wonderful. He then promptly removed them! Yes, things can be taken away from you, even on the free-for-all that is this here interweb. However, I promise you, from what was heard via that EP preview Houses may have minor gem up the sleeve. For now you can wallow in the summer magic that is 'Endless spring', an already tried-and-tested gem. This is just lovely. I would describe this song in two ways: 1) It reminds me of Air France 2) It actually sounds nothing like AIr France. There's a little bit of Panda Bear in there too. It has a very sunny beach-y feel, but there is a sense of longing to it as well: It's summer soaked, yes, but it's last summer and you can't go back.

Hear it via Awesome Delicious Scopitone

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