Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bye Bye BlackBird + Phedre

Two Free EPs today. I have to say when it comes to marketing, if you're an indie band, this is the way to do it: release a free single or EP first. Quite frankly, if I look at my favourite artists over the past year many have yet to release a proper full length. With regards to my 'How We Listen To Music' essay, I do think that bands who use this tactic of releasing a few songs free to launch their careers are using the internet wisely. And I like being able to pass this stuff on to you.

Our first band is Bye Bye Blackbird who are from California. They have a great melodic sensibility and remind me of a poppier Junior Boys. "Happy High' is a bright song and should counteract the rain here in Ottawa nicely. And if you are in warmer climes well then go listen to this song outside. This whole EP is really strong and I expect a lot of good things from these guys.
<a href="">Happy High by Bye Bye Blackbird</a>

The EP is available for FREE here via the wonderful Arcade Sound Ltd. If you aren't familiar with Arcade Sound take a few minutes to peruse their great sit. Why not score yourself a few more free EPs while you're at it.

And while we're at it, what the hell, let's throw in their great cover of Modest Mouse's "Float On"
<a href="">Float On (modest mouse cover) by Bye Bye Blackbird</a>

Our second band of the day are Canadian and interesting. I love that combination. Phedre are estranged cousins from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick who reunited to unleash evil on the world. Luckily for us by evil I really meant lo-fi pop weirdness. But like so few, they wear it really well. As I've said before, if you do want to do lo-fi there has to be something in your sound that warrants it. In the case of phedre all the layering on these songs makes it easier for the sounds to blend and create the larger whole. It adds to the level of mystery. These songs are a lot of fun and slightly disturbing. But would you really want it any other way?

Get their EP for free via Snakes Plus Ladders

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