Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Forest Too Fast

If pushed, I would have to say The Cure are probably my favourite band of all time. I owe my whole love of music to 'Disintegration'. When I was 14 I got my Mom to buy it for me on tape. I chose to get it because it was on sale and I knew my friend Tim loved them. I had never really listened to The Cure prior to that, but trusted Tim's taste. When I first heard the tape I thought I had wasted money despite the sale price and questioned Tim's taste. But slowly, one-by-one, the song's grew on me. Within four months I could not stop listening to it. That was my first experience with a 'grower'--one of those albums that's so unlike anything you've experienced, you have to learn the artist's language just to appreciate it. Since that time I've fallen in love with many a Cure album.

This is an interesting video, it's The Cure playing 'A Forest' just around the time of the release of Seventeen Seconds. It sounds like a band in transition between the quick post-punk of Three Imaginary Boys and the slow 'goth' meditations The Cure would continue on Seventeen Seconds/Faith/Pornography. Personally, I love this version and it certainly serves as an interesting historical document for all The Cure fans of the world. I wonder if the people in that crowd knew how special what they were witnessing really was?

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