Friday, May 7, 2010

Silly Kissers, again

I had the chance to see Silly Kissers last weekend and did not. I was actually at the show at the SAW Gallery here in Ottawa, but timing was against me. I saw Postcards kick major ass, but alas, no Silly Kissers. sigh. I was sort of glad not to see them due to the fact I wasn't terribly familiar with their stuff. Sometimes that's a factor in appreciating a show, sometimes not. However, I've spent the last week devouring Silly Kissers, particularly their latest release 'Precious Necklace'. These guys are amazing. Seriously, I'm predicting big things for this band. There is something so familiar, yet completely new and refreshing about them. It's unapologetically fun, but has depth as well. They just sound like they're having fun, and it radiates through the speakers all infectious-like. Here is a triple shot from 'Precious Necklace' and all three of these are nothin' but hits y'all. Silly Kissers=Big things. I'm calling it now. And dammit I need to see this band live soon.
SILLY KISSERS by Silly Kissers

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