Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cosmetics - Soft Skin

Holy crap, this is a good song. I had never heard of Cosmetics, who are from B.C, until a few weeks ago. Before I get to them I want to draw attention to the BRILLIANT site that brought them to my attention: Weird Canada. Man, these guys are doing great work. WC is drawing attention to a lot of interesting bands in Canada. They are interested in all things, well... weird. I love to see someone drawing attention to all the left of center things happening in Canada; it brings me hope in a big way, and you really ought to give their site a tour. I'm honestly THANKFUL that a site like WC exists. As for Cosmetics, well, I don't know much about them and I don't want to. Honestly, when a band has this much mystery built into their music, why spoil it by digging into the personalities behind it? What I can say is they are making great stuff that has that dark italo-disco feel that I'm glad to see bands playing around with. Cosmetics almost fit into the world of Italians Do It Better but I find their sound a bit darker, however, the sound of IDIB is a good jumping off point to understanding what they do. As for Soft Skin, well picture Siouxsie and The Banshees meets (early) Adult.. And that is a compliment if I ever doled one out.

You can order their 7" from the great Captured Tracks here.

Here is them playing Soft Skin live. They sound damn intense live. Put these guys on your radar.

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